Summer driving tips for getting the most out of your vehicle.

Summer is nearly here. And while we no longer have the threat of icy roads, summer weather brings with it a unique set of conditions: more construction (adds to road congestion), more traffic (school’s out!), and scorching heat (overheating and tire blow-outs). Maybe you’re gearing up for a cross-country road trip or family vacation or possibly just cruising. No matter the distance you plan on going these next few months, planning for these season-specific obstacles are key and maximizing your fuel economy is a necessity. For the month of June, we are offering our Fuel Injection Service as our special.

What does it do?
Treating your car to a Fuel Injection Service both cleans and protects your entire fuel system. Our expert mechanics meticulously clean the deposits from fuel injectors and the air intake system, remove deposit build-up from intake valves, clean combustion chamber deposits and attach our state-of-the-art cleaning tools to your entire fuel system leaving it operating more powerfully and efficiently.

Why do you need it?
This service is recommended every 36,000 miles and for good reason. A Fuel Injection Service increases both the power and performance of your vehicle. It also reduces knocking, hesitation and rough idle and decreases harmful emissions. Perhaps most appealing to the list, the service restores your fuel economy making those vacations more affordable and the threat of running out of gas while stuck in a construction zone way less likely.

A few other tips?
Besides taking advantage of our June special and treating your car to a Fuel Injection Service, there are a few other things to take note of when preparing for driving through the humidity and heat of a Midwestern summer.

  • Carry a gallon container of water at all times – helps with overheating engines
  • Ensure your A/C system is operating effectively – helps with overheating humans
  • Get in high gear, don’t dawdle in the low gears – helps with fuel efficiency
  • Check your tire pressure – decreases risk of hydroplaning in summer storms
  • Remember a car’s internal temperature is exceedingly warmer than the outdoors – ex: on a 70 degree day a car can reach 105 degrees in 30 minutes

Get the most out of your summer with a safe, efficient vehicle by remembering to stay up to date with you car’s maintenance.

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