Frequently Asked Questions

Oil Change Questions

Q: How much is an oil change and what services are included?
Q: What weights of oil do you carry?
Q: What motor oils do you carry?
Q: Can I make an appointment?
Q: What if my fluids run low between regular oil changes?

Scheduled Maintenance/Additional Service Questions

Q: Does Express Care follow the manufacturer's recommendations?
Q: How do I know when my vehicle needs additional service?
Q: Why is it important to service the radiator?
Q: Why do I need my transmission serviced?
Q: Why do I need to service my fuel system?
Q: Why do I need to service my gearbox?

Coupon Questions

Q: Do you send out coupons?
Q: Do you have an Early Bird Program?

Warranty Questions

Q: Will using Express Care void my manufacturer's warranty?
Q: How can I obtain a copy of my Express Care service records?

Fleet Service Questions

Q: What are the benefits of an Express Care fleet account?