Frequently Asked Questions

Oil Change Questions

Q: How much is an oil change and what services are included?
A: Express Cares Oil Change starts at $41.99 and includes oil and filter change, top off all fluids, air filter inspection, cabin air filter inspection, tire pressure check, wiper inspection, and grease all fittings. All in less than 10 minutes.
Q: What weights of oil do you carry?
A: Express Care carries the following oil weights: 0W20,5W20, 5W30, 10W30, 5W40, 10W40, 15W40, 20/50 and straight 30 weight oil (All oil grades are not available in each weight)
Q: What motor oils do you carry?
A: We carry Valvoline motor oils.
Q: Can I make an appointment?
A: No appointments are necessary; we serve customers on a first come first serve basis.
Q: What if my fluids run low between regular oil changes?
A: Express Care offers free top-off on any fluid we checked excluding the engine oil for up to 3 month or 3,000 miles.

Scheduled Maintenance/Additional Service Questions

Q: Does Express Care follow the manufacturer's recommendations?
A: Yes. Vehicle manufacturer time and mileage intervals are used as a primary indicator for Express Care service recommendations.

• Vehicle manufacturer time and mileage intervals are used as a primary indicator for service recommendations

• Automotive fluids are a secondary maintenance indicator useful in the absence of complete vehicle maintenance records

• Some preventative maintenance recommendations are based on individual fluid manufacturer guidelines and warranties

• In the absence of vehicle manufacturer guidelines for specific service intervals, Express Care will follow commonly accepted automotive industry guidelines

Normal vs Severe Driving Conditions
To determine your vehicle’s service intervals, you may need to establish if your driving conditions meet the criteria for “Normal” vs “Severe” driving conditions. Vehicle driving conditions are considered “Severe” when the customer responds “yes” to any one of the following questions. Otherwise, customer vehicle driving conditions should be considered “Normal”.

• Do you drive in stop and go traffic?

• Do you make frequent short trips?

• Do you drive in extreme temperatures?

• Do you tow or haul?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then according to most automotive manufacturers, the driving conditions for your vehicle would be considered “Severe Operating Conditions”.

Q: How do I know when my vehicle needs additional service?
A: When you have your car serviced our trained managers will go over your manufactures recommended service intervals for your vehicle and make recommendations to you based on that information. You can also check your owner’s manuals to see what services are recommended at what mileage.
Q: Why is it important to service the radiator?
A: Radiator service is recommended every 24,000 miles for the vehicle’s cooling system to function properly, ensuring that your engine is operating at the correct temperature and preventing over-heating or freezing. Modern engines create more power in a smaller engine displacement and run hotter than they used to. This places a burden on the vehicle’s cooling system. When everything is running well, the modern vehicle cooling system should have no problem keeping up. But when conditions become extreme or cooling fluids become exhausted within the radiator and cooling system, then problems begin to develop. Scale and corrosion can build up inside the radiator when corrosion-inhibiting properties in the radiator fluid begin to weaken. The build up can slow the movement of radiator fluid through the cooling fins as well as create a barrier between the fluid and the aluminum or copper radiator walls. This build-up can actually insulate the inner walls of the radiator fins from the heat in the liquid coolant. If the coolant can’t release the heat, then the heat is passed back into the engine along with the fluid. Engine overheating is often a direct result of this type of corrosive build up inside the cooling system and radiator core.

Express Care’s Radiator Fluid Exchange uses a vacuum system to evac the radiator by removing used fluid from the engine, hoses and radiator along with any loose rust, sludge and contaminants. We first add a cleaning chemical that breakdowns the scale buildup. Then radiator is flushed. After the radiator is flushed and fluid with the proper ratio of water to coolant/antifreeze is then pumped back into the system. We then add a water pump lubricant to help extend the life of your pump. Your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations are followed when selecting the type and ratio of water to coolant/antifreeze. Radiator caps are inspected for defects and the fluid levels for the radiator overflow tank are filled to the proper level.

When you add Express Care’s Radiator Fluid Exchange service to your regularly scheduled maintenance program, you help to ensure the long life and health of not only your radiator but also your vehicle as a whole.

Benefits of Express Care’s Radiator Fluid Exchange:

• Protects engine and radiator against internal rust damage

• Helps restore engine to proper operating temperatures

• Helps prevents the engine from over-heating or freezing

Q: Why do I need my transmission serviced?
A: Hot weather, stop and go traffic, heavy loads and towing can lead to transmission problems. The main purpose of transmission fluid is to keep the transmission lubricated and cool. Additives found in transmission fluid prevent wear, oxidation and seal deterioration. Over time, these additives oxidize and break down, losing their ability to lubricate and protect the automatic transmission. This may create new compounds in the fluid such as acid, rust and sludge, which are the leading cause of automatic transmission breakdown.

Transmission fluid is a lubricant, a detergent and the driving force inside a modern automotive transmission. Some manufacturers have increased their recommended transmission fluid change service interval to 100,000 miles but this doesn’t mean you should overlook your periodic fluid level inspections. Since most transmission failures are directly related to lack of maintenance, most major problems can be prevented if the transmission and fluid levels are checked on a regular basis.

Over time, heat and friction cause transmission fluid to break-down. Automatic transmission fluid break-down can result in lower fluid viscosity and power loss, or loss of lubricating qualities that could lead to excess heat and transmission wear. It’s important to check and, if needed, change your automatic transmission fluid as part of your automotive preventative maintenance schedule.

Express Care’s Automatic Transmission Fluid Change uses a motorized vacuum system to remove 99 percent of the worn transmission fluid along with any suspended contaminants in the system. First a cleaner is added to the transmission to help remove contaminants. The transmission system is then flushed and refilled with new transmission fluid that matches your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. We then added a chemical that helps extends the life of your transmission.

Q: Why do I need to service my fuel system?
A: Fuel systems and valves build up deposits that may create driving problems, such as stalling and decrease in gas economy. The Fuel Injection service will remove these deposits, which can include lead and carbon. The fuel service restores gas economy and efficiency and can help avoid costly overhauls. Express Care provides Fuel System services to restore maximum power and performance to your car’s engine. These services help to eliminate rough idle, hesitation and knocking, reduce emissions caused by deposits, and restore engine efficiency and fuel economy.

• Fuel Injector Cleaner – Used every 3,000 miles to clean fuel injectors to reduce knocks and pings.

• Entire Fuel System Cleaner Service – Every-36,000-mile, 3-step professional service designed to clean your engine’s entire fuel and air intake systems.

Q: Why do I need to service my gearbox?
A: The gearbox allows wheels to turn at varying speeds, for better traction. The differential gears are lubricated with a fluid that transfers heat away from them, maintaining performance. The service prolongs the life of your gearbox and minimizes wear and tear. Express Care’s Gear Box Service includes: Draining old gearbox fluid; Removing and inspecting both the check plug and drain plug seals; Refilling gear box fluid with manufacturer’s recommended viscosity gear box fluid.Benefits of Express Care’s Gear Box Service:
• Drain old fluid, inspect plugs and seals and refill using manufacturers recommended viscosity gear box fluid

• Helps protect against bearing and gear failure

• Reduces wear and prolongs the life of the gear box or differential

• Guards against corrosion

• Minimizes wear and tear caused by heat, fast driving, and trailer towing

Coupon Questions

Q: Do you send out coupons?
A: Yes, we send out coupons monthly or you can obtain special offers on the website. Click here
Q: Do you have an Early Bird Program?
A: Yes, 8am to 10am Monday – Friday. All customers receive $9.00 off their oil change.

Warranty Questions

Q: Will using Express Care void my manufacturer's warranty?
A: Express care’s services meet or exceed manufacturer recommendations. Express Care service will not void your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.

You don’t have to go to the dealer and here’s why:

• All Express Care products and services maintain your manufacturer warranty
• No appointment necessary at any of our 3 Express Care convenient locations
• Services performed in 15 minutes or less
• No need for alternative transportation
• Best prices on professional services available
• Express Care service history records on all maintenance performed

Your Manufacturer’s Warranty is Protected
The Express Care service team follows your manufacturer’s recommendation when recommending preventative maintenance services for your vehicle just like the dealership. With service from Express Care, your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty is protected.

Express Care Maintains Your Service Records
Express Care maintains a complete service record of all maintenance performed at Express Care, which includes both regularly scheduled maintenance and any additional preventative maintenance performed. Should you ever need documentation for a warranty claim at the dealership, we can print out your complete Express Care service history to verify that you’ve kept up on your vehicle services.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of my Express Care service records?
A: You can obtain a copy of your records by calling 1-636-528-2540 and ask for Josh.

Fleet Service Questions

Q: What are the benefits of an Express Care fleet account?
A: Benefits include: no appointment necessary, in & out in 15 minutes or less, monthly consolidated billing and reporting, assigned fleet manager to your account, only authorized services sold with approval, 3 convenient locations, free top-offs on all vital fluids, expert technicians, service warranty. Call 314-267-0685 for application.